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with a beautiful balance between creepy and cute!

If Halloween is your favorite holiday, yet just one day isn’t nearly enough, let Pretty Spooky add a little macabre to the mundane. 

I’m Angela, and living the Pretty Spooky way started early for me.  As a child, October 31st was the day I got to dress up, wear makeup, eat treats, and stay up late with friends. As an adult, I’ve found ways to incorporate what I love about Halloween into daily life.

Bartending allowed me to create and share yummy concoctions in a very social and entertaining way that fueled my night owl tendencies. My time as a makeup artist was a creative opportunity to make people feel confident while celebrating some of the most special days of their lives. Not only have these careers encouraged my love for creating a bold, personal aesthetic, and deepened my appreciation for well-crafted flavor combinations, they also gave me a jump-start in cultivating an extra noir wardrobe.

At Pretty Spooky, you’ll surely dig up some frightful inspiration for Pretty Spooky Men, Women, Home, Pets, and Travel. To jump right in, here are some of our most popular posts to get you started:

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