Easy n’ Eerie Lamp Shade DIY

Looking for ways to sneak more spookiness into your everyday? Why wait for Halloween? This easy Spooky Lamp DIY isn’t just for October. Let your monster-loving light shine year ’round with this easy and eerie lamp shade embellishment.

Banish boring light fixtures, and quickly cast a ghostly glow in just a few simple steps that even the most mindless zombie can accomplish. Add some freaky flare with just a few craft store supplies.

Even if you’re more creepy than crafty, you can still whip-up a bewitching and spooky specimen that suits your style.

Here’s all that you will need:

Measuring tape

Printer with paper (or already printed image)

Marker or pen

Scissors or detail cutting blade

Double-sided tape (archival quality will prevent damage to lamp shade)

Rather than merely printing your design on paper, make a more everlasting embellishment by going one step further, and trace it onto sheets of black craft foam.

Here are the simple steps:

1. Measure the circumference and height of your lamp shade.

2. Decide on a design and determine how large you want to print the design. Simple silhouette-style shapes work best.

3. Print and cut your design to trace onto the craft foam.

4. Cut the image.

5. Add the archival-quality tape to the image, taping the side that will adhere to the inside of the shade.

6. Turn the light on, and admire your design.

Just like the spirits of the night, your image will be virtually invisible during the day. For those of you who are quietly keeping your spookiness buried six feet under, you can do this easy and eerie DIY on the down low.

There’s no need to come out of the creepy closet until you’re good and ready.

Inspired by the Pretty Spooky logo, these devilishly stylish silhouettes will have all the creeps at our place howling at the moon.

And, because the grass is always greener on the other side of the cemetery, there’s no reason to get stuck with just one design. Switch-up your spooky with a myriad of morbidity. Skulls, bats, or any creature that sparks your creativity will work. Tape and un-tape these temporary terrors ’til your black heart’s content.

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