100 Days ‘Til Halloween Countdown Activity Cards

-With a Free Printable to Sneak More Spooky Into Everyday

While Halloween is only one day on the calendar, it is forever in my heart. For many of us Halloween is a lifestyle, and a state of mind. But, it sure would be nice to live more spookily on a daily basis.

Traditional advent calendars begin at the start of the month, relegating our favorite festivity to a feeble season of 4.2 fleeting weeks. I say, “No more!”

A month is merely enough time to scurry through the basics– without the opportunity to savor all the spookiness! We all know that it takes at least a full seventeen weeks of plotting and scheming — and a lot of pumpkin spice lattes — to pull it off successfully.

Those who are already a part of the Spooky Squad know that The One Hundred Day Halloween Countdown is definitely “a thing”. But, even when observing the countdown, it can still be difficult to check everything off of your Halloween Bucket List.

With The Pretty Spooky One Hundred Day Countdown Activity Cards, you’ll get a daily suggestion of how to spookify each of the one hundred days leading up to All Hallows’ Eve. In addition to convenient countdown cards, you’ll also receive must-make recipes, puckish pranks, and clever crafts to extend the season. Wondering how to get some “Swamp Siren Stew” in your cauldron, or how to awaken “Drac in a Sac” (our Halloween version of Elf on a Shelf) from his coffin? As a bonus to my little gift, you’ll find all of the recipes, DIYs, and crafts right here, on Pretty Spooky.

Since this isn’t your average, cutesy “Jump in a Pile of Leaves” Fall Bucket List, there are eleven blank countdown cards to customize your countdown to your preferences.

There are no strings attached, no emails collected, and no nooses around any necks. It’s as simple as opening the last seven photos on this page, and hitting “print”.

You may opt to cut the individual cards apart, and you can even add a hole, or ribbon to hang them. But, whichever way you use them, they’re sure to help sneak more spooky into your life!

I’m just dying to see which cards get your creative juices glowing, and which ones make your little Halloween hearts go thumpity-bump in the night.

To show your eerie enthusiasm for this countdown chaos, use the Instagram hashtag: #PrettySpookyHalloweenCountdown

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